How will using NPC save my organization time and money?
NPC is a special financial and non-profit organization that provides reasonably priced administrative services to non-profit organizations of all sizes. This arrangement allows non-profits to devote more staff and volunteer time to mission-related activities.
How can NPC make my life easier?
We know that tasks such as accounting, creating newsletters, entering data, preparing annual reports, or planning an event often fall on the shoulders of the executive director or staff even though they may not have the skill sets to complete the work. We make your life easier by performing those additional tasks. We can balance your accounts, prepare reports, work with you to prepare an annual report and enter data to ensure accuracy and consistency. You and your staff can then focus on your programs and mission.
What makes the NPC team unique?
Our organization brings added value to virtually every assignment, because we come from non-profit backgrounds. Our experience and skills allow other non-profits to tap into a well-formed team of support experts. NPC representatives understand the special needs and sensitivities of non-profit organizations much better than randomly selected vendors.
What are the benefits of NPC non-profit status?
As a non-profit organization, NPC's mission is to work exclusively for non-profit organizations like yours. We do not provide services to any for-profit organizations. We understand the physical, administrative and fiscal constraints non-profit organizations face while attempting to maintain quality, mission-driven programs. We can offer you services and materials that you can afford and we can help you increase the efficiency of your service delivery.
How does the accounting process work?
We will tailor the process to fit your needs and complement the skills you may already have. For example, we can process your accounts payable and produce checks/bill-payments that are ready for signature and mailing, or you can handle this entire process with your own staff and regularly provide us with the information needed to keep your general ledger up to date. Similar options are available for cash receipts. We produce financial statements at the frequency you need them - monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc. As part of our initial meeting, we will discuss with you what your needs are, what strengths exist on your current staff and then we will present you with options for service. We are flexible and want to provide you with the professionalism and accountability you want without giving you services you don't need.
What IRS-required filings will you assist us in preparing?
NPC can prepare your annual Form 990, including any necessary extensions. We can also prepare any required 1099 forms and help you further by preparing them for mailing. We are able to provide these services efficiently by tracking the needed information throughout the year as we are handling your general bookkeeping.
Will you perform our financial statement audit?
NPC will help you prepare for your upcoming audit. We can work closely with your chosen independent auditor, preparing the schedules and reports they need to complete their work and helping answer questions. We will direct them to you for any questions we are not in a position to answer. We find that this service lifts a significant time burden from the shoulders of the organization staff and relieves much of the stress an audit can entail. We speak the same accounting language as the auditors and also understand your accounting issues in-depth, allowing for a smooth and efficient communication and resolution of audit matters.
Do you provide payroll services?
Yes, we can provide this service as part of our accounting services.
Can you handle our newsletter and annual fund mailings?
Yes. By taking advantage of NPC's database administration expertise, mailings and broadcast e-mailings are handled efficiently. Our staff makes every effort to insure that the information kept in your database is robust and up to date. We can help you target your communications to the right audience at the right time.
How does NPC assist with our newsletters and marketing needs?
NPC has developed relationships with talented partners who share our passion for working with non-profit organizations. We can even manage the content of your website. NPC's project managers concentrate on the details of managing the development of your communications pieces. NPC frees the time your staff devotes to administrative activities and gives you the opportunity to determine the extent of your involvement.
How well do all these services integrate to meet our organization's needs?
Whether your needs are strictly accounting or they cross over to all of our service areas, our goal is to be efficient, effective and responsive to you and your staff. We want to save you time and money and reduce stress.
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